The consumer loan through credit consolidation

The French often opt for credit, to cope with the unexpected. The latter can unfortunately accumulate, during periods of bad luck. However, we must reimburse what we owe. Going through credit consolidation, it is possible to clean up your budget, or even more. Explanations. for an assessment

What is credit consolidation?

Salaries are not extensible and fixed costs fall, invariably. However, a machine breakdown, a car that gives up the ghost are all hard knocks for many households.

To cope, many have no choice but to take out one or more consumer loans. These are easy solutions, to get money quickly, when needed.

These credits allow them to remedy a temporary difficult situation, in the best of cases. The amount requested remains overall on average at 12,000 dollars and the monthly payments are not very high.

But if another imponderable occurs, it can be complicated to cope with all of the burdens. Why, in this case, not go through a loan repurchase?

Who can request a credit buy-back?

Any individual can ask to benefit from a credit repurchase. He must have taken out at least two consumer loans to be able to claim it. The operation, carried out by a banking establishment or by a specialized credit company, then consists in buying back all or part of the credits in progress, in order to offer a solution more suited to the person’s situation.

For the file to be accepted, it is imperative that the individual can justify its solvency. To benefit from a consolidation of credit, it is necessary that the remainder to live, that is to say the remaining sum, after having removed the charges from the incoming money, is sufficient to allow repayment.

In this context, having a stable professional situation is a factor that can encourage a positive response. But it is also possible that lending institutions may ask for additional collateral, such as someone who can vouch for or apply for a mortgage on real estate.

What advantages does credit consolidation offer for an individual?

The interests for the beneficiary are plural. On the one hand, the rate is revised downwards and the reimbursement is made over a longer period.

The fact of smoothing over time and having only one monthly payment to repay allows the person to find a more stable financial situation. The budget is rebalanced and the person or the family can once again plan for the future.

Better, depending on his situation, he can also take out a new consumer loan, to carry out work, for example or replace his car. This last purchase item is also one of the great classics of consumer credit applications, since it concerns one in two personal loans in France. The reasons are obvious. It is essential, under modern life, to have a vehicle, especially to get to your place of work.